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Kalari Massage

Kalari therapy is a unique system of treatment, rooted in ‘kalari’ (the anciant martial art form of Kerela), which is based on the principle of “Marmas“. This ancient form of massage is modeled on the ancient martial art form of Kerela. The ‘Marma’ pressure points of the body are massaged, improving the flow of energy and nerve function throughout the body.

‘Marmas’ are the pressure points within the body usually close to the skin surface, where important nerves form junctures with muscles fibers, veins, bones, and joints. Marmas are the vital points of the body. ‘Prana’ (life energy) flows through the body channeled through marmas or vital points

The meridians of marmas are massaged in long, deep sweeps, with pressure especially from the finger tips and the palms, in a special “kalari hold” position.

This causes the energy to flow freely through these meridians.

Benefits of the Kalari Massage

Before you visit our spa for a Kalari massage you need to know the special benefits of the massage done at Smitha Body Work.

  • sense organs are vitalized;
  • improved joints, muscular system, nervous system function. It is therefore of great use in preventing old age disorders;
  • if one feels lethargic or physically unfit, this massage is substitute;
  • gives energy, enthusiasm, and improves awareness;
  • enables proper blood circulation; and
  • relieves various aches like back pain, stiffness, dislocations, injuries, and also stimulates various bodily organs and systems.

Recommended for Vital Pressure Point Massage, to clear energy blockages, free emotions and psychological blocks, lymphatic drainage, neurological & muscular problems


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